1. Annual Analysis to meet State, Industry, and Federal bottled water monitoring requirements

We obtain volume discounts for bottled water manufacturers from qualified laboratories holding the necessary state certificates and having the capability to analyze for parameters required by regulatory authorities in every state. We act as the liaison between the bottler and each laboratory so that each bottler always has personal and individual attention.

2. Weekly Microbiological analysis to meet State and Federal Requirements

Our program is very competitively priced, and includes sampling supplies and an analysis by certified laboratories to satisfy State and Federal monitoring requirements for Total Coliform and Standard Plate Count. We summarize results in an easy-to-read report that is provided to the bottler each week.

3. State Reporting of Weekly Microbiological Analyses

Several States require that a bottled water manufacturer submit monthly, quarterly or semi-annual results from the weekly analysis of their sources and products for Total Coliform and Standard Plate Count. For a standard monthly fee, Compliance Designs will submit these reports to the states as required, and provide the bottler with copies of the reports and cover letters.

4. Permit/License Management Services

Several States require that Bottled water and beverage manufacturers obtain and maintain licenses to distribute their products. Compliance Designs provides license management services that include a checklist of items/information required to apply for individual state licenses, preparation and submittal of license applications, and liaison services between the bottler and the licensing entity for all regulatory issues.

5. Permit Renewal Notification

Compliance Designs will maintain a calendar of license expiration dates for manufacturers and provide early notification of pending renewals so that the facility's permits and licenses remain current.

6. Special Projects

Our consultants are qualified by years of experience regarding bottled water and beverage manufacturing and regulation. Our staff also includes a former laboratory director, and two former bottled water plant managers. The knowledge and expertise of our consultants can be a valuable resource for questions regarding all aspects of bottled water operations.